The Post-Christian Condition – Anders Breivik

Anders Breivik, the mass murderer of Norway responsible for the deaths of 77, declared the following during opening statements in an Oslo courtroom.

“I admit to the actions, but not to the guilt.”

Here the head of moral relativism raises its ugly head.  Can we not as a society all with one voice affirm, without question, this was wrong?  Is it not clear that the moral relativist cannot refute Breivik’s statement?

Read the full article here:

The world is watching closely as the trial of Anders Behring Breivik takes place in Oslo. The trial is now an international spectacle. But, much more than Norway’s justice system is on display. That Oslo courtroom is also revealing what remains of an understanding of criminal justice and criminal responsibility when the Christian worldview fades away. The post-Christian condition is fully on display in that courtroom. The man who committed the worst single-handed mass murder in Europe since World War II is on trial — and the maximum term to which he can be sentenced amounts to less than 3.3 months for each of the 77 people he murdered.


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