Vote Pro-Life: Voter’s Guide

Kentucky Right to Life has published a voter’s guide for the upcoming 2012 election.  They have analyzed the candidates from every tier of political office that will appear on the ballots: from the presidential, senate, and house all the way down to the county clerk and school board races.  If you are like me, you do not have time to investigate the stances of candidates in the less prominent bouts for office.

Here is the 2012 Kentucky Right to Life voter’s guide.  Take it with you to the polls.

If you do not live in Kentucky, find your state’s equivalent voter’s guide.  The National Right to Life Political Action Committee’s website is a great place to start.

This is an extremely important election.  For Christians, this should be a single-issue election.  The Democratic Party Platform has embraced abortion with open arms and a smile.  Let’s stop the shedding of innocent blood.  Let the number 50 million haunt from the all-too-recent-past, and not continue to be a ticker measuring this  generation’s calloused stupidity.


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