Why Sports May be a Last Bastion for the Merits of Conservatism

https://i1.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7155/6441939651_a2fb2f591d_o.jpgI’m not a sports fan. Recently, however, I have thought about how hard it will be for liberals to conquer the sports arena with their ideologies.

Why? Let me point out a few things about sports that you know but you don’t know that you know.

1) Men and Women are Different

This is perhaps the most obvious truth in the world, but a truth that has surprisingly not stood up very well against the liberal ideological machine. But this is where sports comes in. In the world of sports, the fact that men and women are different is axiomatic. This is why there is an NBA and a WNBA. This is why there are no female NFL players. This is why there are no female MLB players. This is why there are men’s and women’s divisions in Olympic sports.

It doesn’t matter what gender you want to be. It doesn’t matter what gender you dress like. It matters only what gender you were assigned, you know, at the beginning. Even in the future, if a transgendered man (aka a man who, presto, “becomes” a woman) might be allowed to compete in the women’s divisions of some sport, no one will attribute their utter domination to their female-like qualities (after-market, of course). Everyone, even if they keep it “politically correct” and therefore under their breath, will cheer against the guy who couldn’t cut it with the other guys so had to go play with the girls.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not arguing that men are more valuable than women, better at life than women, or anything like that. In fact, I am happy to recognize many arenas wherein women perform better than men. But that actually makes me happy, because it proves the point. No matter how you slice it, men and women are different. Period. And we have sports to thank for this unassailable reality.

2) Competition is Good

Part of the conservative platform is that competition is good. What got me thinking about sports and competition was a tweet I saw when I was watching the Super Bowl. The Broncos were getting obliterated by the Seahawks, and so @toddstarnes brilliantly tweeted, “Obama could pull out his pen & phone and order the NFL to redistribute some of Seattle’s points.” Hilarious.

This is only funny because no one would ever dream of a sporting event that did not reward excellence. No one would like it if every time one team scored, they split the points. Why? Because that would not be fair. Also, excellence would no longer be the goal. Why try hard when the guy who doesn’t try as hard gets just as much as I do? Competition is what drives sports, and liberals can’t stand competition. So for the liberal to win on this one, they would have to convince America to give up Monday Night Football. Which ain’t happening.

3) Genetic Modification and Chemical Enhancement are Bad

A final ideal of conservatism that seems to be losing sway to the general populace is the idea that, at least in terms of the human race, natural is better than genetically modified, enhanced, screened, etc. Again, we can thank sports for making this point for us. Why is Mark McGwire no longer the record holder for most home runs in a single season? Because he cheated. He didn’t break the record on his own. More accurately, McGwire didn’t break the record, his steroids did.

So why is it that sportsdom has a prejudice against modification? Because sports are about seeing how many obstacles humanity can overcome in their pursuit of excellence. Sports are about mankind and his struggle with limitation. Sports are not about the elimination of limitation. Think about it. What if everyone was engineered with the exact same abilities? What if genetic perfection were achieved? (something I don’t think is possible, but interesting to ponder). Show me a man who has overcome obstacles and limitations, and I will show you a man who is strong. Show me a man who has had all obstacles and limitations removed for him, and I will show you a man without a heart.

So liberals and conservatives alike, keep watching those sports. But just realize that liberalism will not come out on top in this match.


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