The Seven Liberal Arts of Classical Education

triviumquadriviumWe have tried to reinvent the wheel when it comes to modern education, and for a majority of the students who are being pumped out of our education system, the wheel is not rolling. Classical education—the education of greats like Luther, Locke, Bach, Rembrandt, Shakespeare, da Vinci, Jefferson—is really very simple. We must get back to the basics.

These are the seven liberal arts in the classical education system.

The Trivium:

1) Grammar, 2) Logic, 3) Rhetoric

The Quadrivium:

4) Arithmetic, 5) Geometry, 6) Astronomy, 7) Music

The video below is lengthy, but it is a great explanation of what classical education is and why it is so important.

“If you you spend time teaching specific occupational skills in your school, you are ill-equipping students for what they will face when they get out into the job market because it is likely to have changed.”

Find further resources here.


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