The Crime is the Same


Recent headlines have reminded us of the awful reality that there are parents in this world who leave their babies—whether intentionally or not—in hot cars to suffer and die. The fact that this happens in the US and around the world is insufferably terrible. I cannot imagine witnessing such a horrible event.

Allow me to pose a scenario. Let’s say that you are in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, about to go into the store, and you notice a mother who has left her child alone in the car on a hot day. What would you do? I can think of a few options open to you. Do you:

a) Keep walking and mind your own business. After all, you wouldn’t want someone telling you what to do with your life and how to care for your family.

b) Put on an orange vest and escort the mother into Wal-Mart while making sure that no one is able to plead with her to save her baby’s life or give her a pamphlet about the reality of infant deaths in hot cars.

c) Cheer from the sidelines, bleating loudly how wonderful it is that women today are liberated with the right to be the masters of their own universes, that women have the right to choose whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, irrespective of anyone else involved (such as a grieving father or, not to mention, a BABY). After all, a person should be able to go shopping without having to carry a baby, right?

d) Vote for legislation that would ensure a woman’s right to unfettered access to special parking spaces in Wal-Mart’s parking lot that guarantees them no interference from pro-take-your-baby-with-you-into-the-store protestors.

e) Lampoon those who have tear-spattered cheeks who grieve such a heinous act.

f) Walk up to the woman and demand that she immediately remove her baby from the car or you will call the police.

I hope, for both your sake and mine, that you would choose option “f.” I think you know where this is going.

I had the privilege today of going to the abortion clinic in downtown Louisville to plead with women who had come to end the lives of their precious babies. While I was there, I had a conversation with an orange-clad “escort,” a strange term for those who volunteer to lead mothers violently out of motherhood. I posed to her this same scenario in which I compared women who leave their babies struggling for life in hot cars to women who leave their babies struggling for life on the operating table. When I asked her what she would do if she saw a woman leave her baby in a hot car, her answer chilled my blood. Because she felt obligated to answer according to her ideology, she said that she would not interfere. Behold the raw face of pro-choice logic.

The only difference between the negligent woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot and the negligent woman in the abortion clinic is a few months. The crime is the same.


4 thoughts on “The Crime is the Same

  1. Nobody leads ANYONE. We ask them if they want us to walk with them and WE DO NOT walk with them if they say no. You know, consent and all that. What I was going to finish telling you (if I didn’t have to murder someone….I MEAN TELL THEM WHERE TO PARK) was that your equivalency is false. False because the 2 year old in a car happens to not be inside my body. That is the point. I am the decider in who or what takes up space in my body. If I don’t want the fetus in my uterus, it isn’t staying there. However, that is the decision I make FOR MYSELF AND NO ONE ELSE. I don’t get emotionally attached to other people’s doctors appointments. I also don’t interferre in their decision making process either. Then again, no one has ever asked for my advice for anything other than parking and “Can I file a police report against these jerks for harassment?”


  2. Dear Lepus – You sound very angry. I feel like if some small part of you didn’t have doubt about what you are doing you would not care at all what others think. I will pray for you.


  3. Because you read anger in my statement doesn’t mean it actually exists. If anything, I was adding EMPHASIS for CLARITY with the use of capital letters. There is 100% no anger or malice in my statement, and again, my goal isn’t to change what others think of me, my goal is for clarity of my opinions, which I don’t believe I stated as clearly with my interaction with Colin on the sidewalk. As far as praying for me, I cannot stop you, although I would rather you didn’t pray for me. Whatever makes you feel better, I guess.


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