Things I’m Reading 9/23/17

If you haven’t discovered this little online gem yet, allow me introduce you to Alastair Roberts’s “Curious Cat” account (don’t be turned off by the name—or the bizarro anime glamcat icons). For the past few weeks Roberts has been running a clinic on how to engage in online discourse as he answers anonymous questions about, well, anything and everything. While many of the questions have to do with gender and sexuality—a field he’s cultivated quite an expertise in—his engagement across the socio-cultural and theological spectrums reveals a near polymathic genius.

Seriously, go read Roberts.

But here are a few random articles from my weekend online reading (aided not a little by Roberts’s answers):

“Not Scotist: understandings of being, univocity, and analogy in early-modern Reformed thought”, Reformation and Renaissance Review (Richard Muller)

“Self and Leadership: A Summary of and Engagement with Edwin Friedman’s ‘A Failure of Nerve'” by Alastair Roberts

Slouching towards Biloxi: Joan Didion on life in America’s south, The Guardian (Joan Didion)

Public Theology in Retreat, LARB (Brad East)

Statistical Abracadabra: Making Sex Differences Disappear, Psychology Today (David P Schmitt)


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