The Abolition of Men? Mass shootings and the erosion of virtue

Over at, I published my thoughts in the wake of two more mass shootings in America — and why I believe there is something sick with the American male. Here’s an excerpt:

Western civilization has historically recognized four cardinal or natural virtues, affirmed by august thinkers from Plato and Cicero to Ambrose, Aquinas, and Calvin. Prudence. Justice. Temperance. Courage. Compared to Newsom’s call for “empathy, care, and collaboration” — a great summary of America’s aspiring “values” — it is easy to spot the deficiency. Whence good and evil?

Herman Bavinck in his Reformed Ethics notes the Greek etymology of the fourth cardinal virtue, Courage, and lists “manliness” as a synonym. He writes about this manly virtue, describing it as “based on self-respect, a sense of honor, and self-worth, which express themselves in great and noble deeds.” Today, the only thing we hear of manliness is about its toxicity. We’ve downgraded manliness from one of the four cardinal virtues to something akin to chlorine gas.

Read the whole thing here.

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