Herman Bavinck on Concupiscence

The following excerpts are taken from the third volume of Herman Bavinck's Reformed Dogmatics, wherein Bavinck elaborates on the Reformed view of sin and salvation in Christ. In these two excerpts, Bavinck makes the case that the historic Reformed position on concupiscence is that "the impure thoughts and desires (concupiscence) that arose in us prior … Continue reading Herman Bavinck on Concupiscence


Revoice in their own voice

Much controversy has swirled around the upcoming Revoice conference being held at a PCA church in St. Louis on July 26–28. Here is its stated purpose: "Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality." A number of writers have signaled … Continue reading Revoice in their own voice

Crushing the Calvarium on Calvary

When we got to the third line of the first verse of Grace Greater than Our Sin this past Sunday and sang "Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured," all I could think about was Planned Parenthood and the abortionists who crush the skulls of infants. That's a strange association, you might say. Indeed it is. Allow me to explain. … Continue reading Crushing the Calvarium on Calvary

I am a Nazarene

Genocide is being perpetrated throughout the Middle East by militant Islamists such as ISIS, Hamas, and Al-Quaeda, and every one of these groups is showing its religion's true colors. In Mosul, Iraq, a millinea-old Christian community has been systematically and completely wiped out. In addition to massive losses of human life, history has lost irreplaceable churches, libraries, … Continue reading I am a Nazarene

Mark: Illustrated Greek-English New Testament

If ever I have the chance to teach a New Testament Greek reading class—at any level—I think I would try to incorporate this new, very cool resource. Michael Halcomb, Ph.D. Asbury Theological Seminary, has recently published a full-color, illustrated (it looks kind of like a graphic novel), Greek-English New Testament. You can view some sample pages … Continue reading Mark: Illustrated Greek-English New Testament

Free Exercise of Religion is More Than Just Freedom of Belief

It is not an insignificant thing that Justice Kennedy has stood against the liberal tide that seeks to redefine the constitutional right of the freedom of religion. Constitutionally, the freedom of religion is the freedom to exercise one's religion both inside and outside the doors of one's place of worship. However, many today are striving to limit … Continue reading Free Exercise of Religion is More Than Just Freedom of Belief

The Tenets of the Religion of Secularism

Dogma: What is true is that there is no Truth and meaning is meaningless (Never mind that this statement logically entails the refutation of everything that follows, including this sentence). Commandments: Do not judge, except to judge those who judge. Do not tolerate intolerance. Ritual: The perpetual blood-sacrifice of abortion at the altar of Self-Actualization in the name … Continue reading The Tenets of the Religion of Secularism